The Blarg No. 59: Lisa Olson

This is a first: I’m writing The Blarg days ahead of time. I usually do all this stuff on the weekend/just before I post the show on Sunday night. However, this weekend, we’re leaving Friday night to table/promote Limited Engagement for the first time at the Las Vegas Book Festival on Saturday. We’re at the table with a bunch of friends, so it should be fun. Then, on Sunday, we’re over at PHX Zine Fest. I’ve pretty much been going non-stop, and I’m really tired. Since I’m pre-writing this, let’s say that everything was a smashing success, and everything is awesome.

Brief little anecdote, roughly a week apart, we went to two very different concerts. The first, Billy Bragg over at the Crescent Ballroom, was fucking awesome. Despite the fact that he’d lost his voice (and sold out of t-shirts) in California, Mr. Bragg, sans opener, put on a two hour show with nothing but four cups of tea, two guitars, and some of the most natural, entertaining banter. Plus, he was armed with a brace of amazing songs that weren’t even a little bit ruined by a dismissive remark about podcasters. If you don’t know who Billy Bragg is, or it’s been a while since you’ve listened to his music, you owe it to yourself to go have a listen—he’s exactly the sort of singer-songwriter we need right now, and he’s been the kind of songwriter we need for more than thirty years.

The second show was not even one we were planning to go to, and that was Dinosaur Jr. They’re a great band, J. Mascis is an amazing guitarist, but to be honest, I’m much more of a Lou Barlow fan. Sebadoh is one of my favorite bands, and Lou’s solo work—Emoh in particular—is awesome, so I went ahead and reached out to Lou to see if he’d be interested in doing the show, and he said sure, so Janell and I went down to the Van Buren and Lou and I chatted for about an hour or so. Then he asked if we were going to the show, I said we didn’t get tickets (I left out the part about how it was because I needed some sleep), and he asked if we wanted to be put on the guest list. How do you say no to that? So we saw Dinosaur Jr., and they were great, but they were really loud—to the point where I wished I had earplugs, and I felt super old. I’d like to highlight, though, that the whole experience was amazing, and I never thought I’d be at a point in life where I get to sit and chat to my musical idols and get put on guest lists.

Lisa Olson is a really cool person, and she runs this really cool place called Practical Art, a retail space and gallery that features the work of 150+ local artists (and the only store that carries our book, The Arg in Blarg). She’s also a photographer, and you can check out her work here. We recorded in the shop, so you’ll notice a few pauses here and there for customer traffic, some background music, and a point around the 30 min mark where I apparently forgot how to put words together. That last bit has nothing to do with where the recording was done, it’s apparently just a special gift I have.


Listen to LE 59 – Lisa Olson

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